Specialists in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Applications for web, mobile device & installations.

Augmented Reality Experts are a team of specialised individuals that amalgamate skills from different areas; Business development, Architecture and Engineering, Software development, Animation and 3d rendering. Their goal is to develop and create applications that dynamically integrate augmented reality with practical and creative innovations for the human experience. We work closely with our clients to develop optimal software and applications that ensure adaptability and are user-friendly.

They are an innovative, creative and integrated practice with a multinational and multitalented team, Headquarters in Melbourne with representation in Sydney, Austin, Texas in the U.S.A and Mexico City, Mexico. Dedicated to Innovation with a keen interest for sustainability and user experience and design, their projects range across different industries, from urban architecture applications to cultural buildings, from product design to marketing strategies. Combining latest technologies with techniques; harnessing skill, enthusiasm and know how; they create inspirational applications.

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We have worked with Augmented Reality Experts collaboratively.