Blackhearts & Sparrows

Like any small business which has slowly grown over the years, we here at Blackhearts & Sparrows have had some great people come work with us - some have stayed, some have moved on to other ventures, and quite a few people these days make some of the tasty beverages that we love to sell and enjoy.

Family is everything to us at Blackhearts & Sparrows. Our introduction to wine was by way of that most traditional family activity, sharing a meal. Our parents would open a bottle of wine and we'd be asked what we smelt and tasted, and it sent us straight down the rabbit hole.

Then, I guess steeped in our Indian heritage, we decided that working in the back pocket of your sibling for the next 20+ years was somehow a good idea. It turns out it makes it much easier to run a business when your partner is someone you trust implicitly, can rely upon, support, and spend a lot of time laughing with.

This feeling of family informs how we welcome and connect with the people we get to work with every day. We are very proud to have had the following talent spend some time with us over their journey and we feel very lucky that they were, and still remain, part of our Blackhearts family.

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