At Assemble, they believe every Australian deserves access to an affordable, well-designed home, and everyone deserves a community to come home to. They’ve made it their mission to challenge our country’s housing crisis—to come up with new ideas on how we can create a better, fairer system.

They began with Assemble Futures —an alternate pathway to home ownership enabling residents to rent securely for five years, with the option to buy their home at the end of the lease period.

In June 2020, Australia’s largest superannuation fund, AustralianSuper invested into their company, with a focus on supporting the expansion of their Assemble Futures model to help address housing affordability and create better access to homeownership.

Today, they’re partnering with Super Housing Partnerships, HESTA and Housing Choices Australia to build secure rental communities—social, affordable and quality apartments for renters, where residents can stay for a while, or as long as they like, in quality homes located in suburbs where this type of housing is needed most.

Their combined experience spans property, construction, finance, investment, architecture, urban design, asset operations, community engagement, marketing communications and advocacy. Each day they challenge and inspire their team to interrogate assumptions, and the diversity of skills and experience across their growing team represents their commitment to doing things differently and more responsibly in the housing development space.

Their values and ideas find a voice in Assemble Papers, their online editorial platform interrogating better, fairer system changes for housing and beyond.

Visit their website here.

Assemble Communities

Assemble Communities