Tim Rob Don Dow

Assemble Communities

Assemble Communities are creating new pathways to owning a home. With a focus on building communities rather than developments. Assemble needed a wayfinding strategy for their first three communities. We reviewed and updated the strategy with each additional community to produce wayfinding guidelines and a signage kit of parts for future projects and precincts.

I worked closely with the Assemble team, Studio Unfold and Studio Ziel to develop a wayfinding strategy that supports successful navigation, without being institutional and with enough individualisation and personality to feel like home.

Specific scope included:
- Wayfinding Strategy
- Wayfinding Guidelines
- Signage Kit of parts
- Workshop facilitation
- Addressing and naming
- Journey mapping
- Design development controls


With a deep respect for people, place, and the planet, Assemble deliver housing and create communities that embrace diversity, reflect local culture, and nurture a stronger sense of ownership and belonging.

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 Each day Assemble challenges and inspires their team to interrogate assumptions, and do things differently and more responsibly in the housing development space.

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