Tim Rob Don Dow

The Tasman

Located in the heart of Hobart, a new precinct has been created around Parliament Square and includes five heritage buildings that have been woven together to house a hotel, function centre, retail and award-winning hospitality venues.

I worked closely with Years Months Days and Jordan Rowe to develop a wayfinding strategy for this revitalised precinct. Central to the strategy was balancing the needs of locals working, wining and dining in the precinct, with the needs of hotel guests, visitors and event attendees.

The Tasman is a new Luxury Collection hotel for Marriot in refurbished buildings that span three eras of Hobart civic design - Georgian, Art Deco and contemporary architecture. The strategy helps people understand and navigate the precinct, move through the various spaces of the different building styles, find their relevant entry/exit points, encourage exploration and maintain the characteristics of the precinct.

Specific scope included:
- Develop a wayfinding strategy for the hotel, restaurants, bars, event space and Parliament Square.
- Functional requirements of hotel guests, visitors, tourists and locals
- User profiles and personas
- Analysis of current conditions and project requirements
- Identification of touch points
- Circulation and decision point mapping
- Collaborative working sessions
- On-site observations
- Individual and group engagement


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An urban commons invites artisan life, history, politics, dining and entertainment to converge in a layering of the city’s culture.

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A focal point for a dynamic community, and encourages the many and varied voices housed within the precinct to continue to grow as Hobart evolves.

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