Tim Rob Don Dow

Stockman's Hall of Fame

The Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre is located in Longreach Queensland. I worked closely with Art Processors on a creative and digital transformation of this premier outback heritage institution.

Central to the development of the experience was giving a voice to the pioneers of the outback – from First Nations stories to the women, men and animals of the bush and their skills, classes and roles in outback life. Their stories are brought to life with immersive sound and visual media that deliver an intuitive and engaging experience that is unique for each visitor. Five new galleries, encompassing exhibits, cinematic experience, live shows and more, provide an important back-drop for the narratives.

Specific scope included:
- Visitor experience strategy
- Experience framework
- Journey mapping
- Illustrate experience offer
- Visitor types, modes and mindsets
- Visitor entry and on-boarding
- Visitor touch-points with staff & digital systems
- Day-in-the-life of the visitor


“Our visitors’ needs are changing and we need to keep up with that.
We are reinventing how we deliver stories in concert;
how we can deliver digital approaches.”
— Lloyd Mills, CEO, Stockman’s Hall of Fame

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“It's not often an activity would equally entertain a nine-year-old boy
and a 100-year-old grandmother, but the interactive experience
at the new-look Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame in Longreach
has hit that multi-generational sweet spot.”
— Ellie Grounds, ABC Western QLD

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