Hayball is a national architectural practice with a strong focus on culture, community and learning.

They design for social and environmental sustainability. They know their designs impact the people who inhabit them. Their inclusive design process enables multiple voices to contribute to the vision for new places and spaces. They believe that social value is the wellbeing generated through the places that they co-create with their clients, partners and communities. Social value enables them to measure their impact so they can improve their designs for our planet, people and communities to flourish.

Innovation starts with enquiry. Underpinned by research, their user-centred design approach creates more sustainable outcomes for people and the planet. Their multi-faceted approach to research, from formal partnerships to internally directed exploration enhances their design processes and significantly de-risks a project from the initial design phases through to project delivery. The best design is the result of exploration, research, different ways of thinking and the open exchange of ideas.

Designing spaces and places with purpose and meaning for over 40 years. Hayball was established in 1983 by Len Hayball, Robert Stent and Richard Leonard on a tenet that has shaped how the practice has evolved: There must be a focus on people, the people and communities they design for, and the people of their firm, a transfer of opportunity and generosity to one another for genuine collaboration. This simple guiding principle continues to motivate and inspire them today.

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Assemble Communities

Assemble Communities