Tim Rob Don Dow

Habitat Filter

Habitat Filter is a working landsculpture and the result of a public design competition by Transurban.

Encircled by a freeway off-ramp in Melbourne’s Arts Precinct, the landsculpture features eight ‘pods’ protruding from the ground, made from largely recycled materials. The pods, the largest over 25m high, feature a range of sustainability elements — solar panels to offset nighttime illumination, nesting boxes for birds and bats, and water tanks collecting rainwater for the 18,000 native plants planted by Landcare Australia.

The winning design was a collaboration with Matt Drysdale (The O.C.D.) and Matt Myers.

Specific scope included:
- Analysis of functional requirements and needs
- On-site observations and assessment
- Co-design and co-creation
- Workshop facilitation
- Supporting diagrams and illustrations


Largest wayfinding landsculpture in Melbourne working to improve
the local environment for plants and animals.

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The design tackled sustainability in three ways:

Capture – photovoltaic cells capture solar electricity, rain water collection points and storage in underground water tanks.
Filtration – rain water filters through sedimentation ponds and climbers take particulates out of the air.

Flora – working with Landcare Australia, the site includes 18,000 species that are endemic to the area.
Fauna – bird boxes designed for native bird, plant species to support birds and bees while the site is a habitat “stepping-stone” in a broader network of across Transurban’s road network.

Engagement – the pods visually interact with their context, piques public interest and promotes discussion.
Education – providing visibility to the collaborative work of Landcare Australia across the Transurban network including additional information and statistics.

Our project achieved a 31% carbon footprint reduction through positive design and construction initiatives. With an improvement in ecological value of 0.347 or ‘3 points’ under the Green Building Council of Australia’s rating system.

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Working with Landcare Australia, the site includes 18,000 species
that are endemic to the area and is part of a network of habitat corridors.

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