Tim Rob Don Dow


WEstjustice provides free legal services for communities in Melbourne's West. I worked with Studio Yardbird and the WEstjustice Employment Law team to develop a series of informative brochures. The brochures assist members of the community (particularly those with English as a second language) to understand complex employment law concepts, their available options and next steps.

Each brochure focuses on one common employment challenge – underpayment, sham contracting, discrimination, sexual harassment and termination. Illustrations were made the hero and a simple design and information hierarchy were implemented to ensure clear and effective communication.

The brochures were created in collaboration with WEstjustice and community leaders. Workshops enabled us to define the characters (Boss, Lawyer, Judge etc), illustration style, use of colour, and balance of visual and written information. With early wireframes, we tested the effectiveness and refined the layout and content.

Illustrations by Lilian Darmono.
Creative Direction and Design by Yardbird Studio.

Specific scope included:
- Co-design & Co-creation
- Workshop facilitation
- Stakeholder engagement
- Functional requirements


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“The illustrations support the key ideas of employment law and better understanding
of rights and entitlements as an employee or contractor, simple eye catching
and easy to understand and of course handy.”
— Community Leader

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“Infographics will give community members the confidence to address
issues they may have encountered at work. It is thru Infographics
that awareness of such rights can take place then it is up to the individual
to seek further help.”
— Community Leader

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